VMware Interview Questions And Answers

VMware Interview Questions And Answers

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1)What is a VMkernel?
VMkernel is an interface between VMs and the VMware ESX host. Its main function is to allocate memory, to schedule the CPUs and is necessary to run many of the services like vMotion, Fault tolerance, NFS, traffic management and iSCSI. VMkernel port can be configured on ESX server using a standard vSwitch .

2)What is a Hypervisor?
It is a program that allows multiple operating systems to share a single hardware host. Each operating system appears to have the host’s processor, memory, and other resources all to itself. However, the hypervisor is actually controlling the host processor and resources, allocating what is needed to each operating system in turn and making sure that the guest operating systems (called virtual machines) cannot disrupt each other.

3)What is VCenter Agent?
VC agent is an agent installed on ESX server which enables communication between VC and ESX server. This Agent will be installed on ESX/ESXi will be done when you try to add the ESx host in Vcenter.

4)What is the use of Virtual Machine Port Group?
Virtual Machine port group is used by Virtual machine communication.

5)What is VDI?
VDI stands for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure where end user physical machine like desktop or laptop are virtualized due to which VMware described VDI as “delivering desktops from the data center”.
Once VDI is used the end user connect to their desktop using a device called thin client.
The end user can also connect to their desktop using VMware Horizon View installed on any desktop or mobile devices.

6)What is the default number of ports configured with the Virtual Switch?
When the time of Virtual switch created, Vswitch is created with 56 ports by default. We can extend the no of ports by editing the vswitch properties.

7)What are the different types of Partitions in ESX server?
/ -root

8)What are the monitoring methods used for vSphere HA?
The Master and Slave hosts uses two types of monitoring the status of the hosts
Datastore Heartbeat
Network Heartbeat

9)What is Forged Transmits ?
Which is same as the Mac Address changes setting but it worked for the outgoing traffic but the MAC address changes setting is for incoming traffic.

10)What is a VLAN ?
A VLAN is the Virtual LAN which is used to broke down the Broadcast traffic into many logical groups. Basically, one physical switch comprise of one broadcast domain. VLAN used to separate the one broadcast domain into many small pieces to separate the networks within the broadcast domain.

11)What is Promiscuous Mode ?
If the promiscuous mode set to Accept, all the communication is visible to all the virtual machines, in other words all the packets are sent to all the ports on vSwitch. It can be useful when you are running virtual machines with network sniffers to capture packet in that network.

12)What are the three port groups present in ESX server networking
1. Virtual Machine Port Group – Used for Virtual Machine Network
2. Service Console Port Group – Used for Service Console Communications
3. VMKernel Port Group – Used for VMotion, iSCSI, NFS Communications

13) How the Virtual Machineort group communication works ?
All the vm’s which are configured in VM Port Group are able to connect to the physical machines on the network. So this port group enables communication between vSwitch and Physical Switch to connect vm’s to Physical Machine’s

14)What are the core services of VC ?
VM provisioning , Task Scheduling and Event Logging

15)How can you edit VI Client Settings and VC Server Settings ?
Click Edit Menu on VC and Select Client Settings to change VI settings
Click Administration Menu on VC and Select VC Management Server Configuration to Change VC Settings

16)How to set the time delay for BIOS screen for a Virtual Machine?
Right Click on VM, select edit settings, choose options tab and select boot option, set the delay how much you want.

17)What is VMWare consolidated backup ?
It is a backup framework, that supports 3rd party utilities to take backups of ESX servers and Virtual Machines. Its not a backup service.

18) To open the guided consolidation tool, what are the user requirements ?
The user must be member of administrator, The user should have “Logon as service” privileges – To give a user these privileges,open local sec policy, select Logon as service policy and add the user the user should have read access to AD to send queries

19)What are the common issues with snapshots? What stops from taking a snapshot and how to fix it ?
If you configure the VM with Mapped LUN’s, then the snapshot failed. If it is mapped as virtual then we can take a snapshot of it.
If you configure the VM with Mapped LUN’s as physical, you need to remove it to take a snapshot…………. For more   Click Here

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