IBM Business Process Manager Version 8.X

IBM Business Process Manager Version 8.X

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Introduction To IBM Business Process Manager Version 8.X

  • Business process management and service-oriented architecture
  • BPMN 2.0 Concepts and Examples
  • IBM BPM History and Versions

Introduction of Blue Work Live

  • Explaining IBM Process Center Architecture
  • Introduction to Process Stake Holders and their Responsibilities
  • Introduction to IBM BPM Product Components
  • IBM BPM Key Terms and Concepts

Creating IBM BPM Project

  • How to add the User groups and Users and how to grant access Hands on session
  • Explain the Process Package / Tool Kit Package
  • Managing Snapshots and Workspaces

Designing BPD

  • Create a New Process App
  • Creating a BPD and Configuration Setting
  • Adding Lanes to the BPD
  • Assigning Participants
  • Adding activities
  • Establishing process flow lanes

Building Coaches And Services And Nested Services

  • Building Human Services
  • Building Integration Service
  • Building general System Services
  • Implement a service that calls a Java class
  • Implement a service that calls an external Web service

Building An Executable BPDs And Services

  • Using Gateways
  • Implementing Activities
  • Adding Process Variables to BPD
  • Adding events to BPD
  • Setting Environment Variables
  • Validating Processes

Modelling Events

  • Message Events
  • Intermediate Events
  • Timer Events
  • Adhoc Events

Message Events

  • Define Start and Intermediate message events
  • Define the use of a UCA
  • Define the use of a handler service
  • Create a handler service
  • Configure a UCA, Define the relationship between message events and UCAs
  • Start a BPD using a Start message event
  • Use exposed process variables in the decision and modify the values at runtime
  • Intermediate timer
  • List and describe intermediate event types used in Process Designer
  • Model a business process escalation path using an attached intermediate timer event
  • List and describe the functional properties within an intermediate timer event

Mapping And Managing Variables

  • Variable Declaration and Mappings
  • Custom Variables
  • EPV’S
  • Explain Pre and Post assignments
  • Initializing Complex variable using Java script
  • Making Variables available to process portal search

Coaches And Coach Views

  • Consume integration data to enable a drop-down menu on a Coach
  • Rapidly create dependent visibility controls
  • Use browser events to drive Coach functionality
  • Implement Ajax controls on a Coach
  • User security & User based access (eg: Configure visibility options to customize Coach appearance based on user role or other conditions)
  • Upload a file to the library & Use a managed file as part of a human or generic system service
  • Identify candidates for hardening & Create patterns for dealing with system errors
  • Rule Engine

Exceptions And Loops

  • Exception handling and loops
  • Create Simple loop in BPD
  • Create multi instance loops

Advance Concepts In IBM BPM

  • Using Embedded java script
  • Using external activities
  • Playback scenarios


  • Introduction to Web API
  • Topics- Performance Data Handling
  • Performance Data handling
  • Scoreboards
  • Reports

Administration Advance Concepts

  • Admin Process console
  • Performance Admin console

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