SOC Analyst training

SOC Analyst training

SOC Analyst Training Content

Introduction of Cyber security-SOC

  • What is Cyber security and Why to lean Cyber security
  • Cyber Security Carrier path
  • How to become a Cyber security Engineer
  • Cyber Security Certifications
  • What is SOC and a Day of SOC analyst

Basics of Network and security

  • What is Networking
  • MAC Address & IP Address
  • OSI Model and each layer explanation
  • TCP IP Protocol Suite
  • TCP Header
  • IP header
  • NAT
  • PAT
  • Basics of Wireshark
  • What is UDP Protocol
  • UDP Header and UDP header fields
  • What is the ICMP Protocol
  • ICMP Header and Header fields
  • Common Attacks Performed with ICMP Protocol
  • Protocols v/s Ports
  • Basics of FTP, Telnet, SSH & SMTP
  • What is ARP Protocol
  • What Is HTTP & How does it works
  • What is DHCP & How does it works
  • What is DNS & How does it works

Types of Network Device and Working

  • Routers
  • Switches

Types of Network Security Devices and Working

  • Firewalls
  • Proxy

Windows and Linux

  • Workgroup & Domain
  • Windows Password
  • Windows Authentication
  • Linux Basics
  • Windows & Linux Logs

Malware and System Hacking

  • CIA triangle
  • Vulnerability, Threat and Risk
  • What is Malware and Types of Malware
  • SOC daily operation and task
  • Use cases-Network monitoring
  • Use cases-Windows

Endpoint Security

  •  Endpoint Security
  • Next Generation AV and endpoint protection
  • Use cases
  • Carbon Black
  • Crowd strike

Web application Security

  • Web application Attacks
  • Use cases on Web application attacks

Common Attacks   

  • DDOS
  • DNS amplification attack
  • IP Spoofing
  • MAC Spoofing…. etc.

Security Frame work

  • Cyber Kill chain
  • Incident response with real world scenarios
  • ATT & CK MITRE   Security framework


  • Introduction of Splunk and Arcsight
  • Components of Splunk and Arcsight
  • Splunk and Arcsight Architecture
  • Basic Search Performing in Splunk

Top 10 Alerts and Performing analysis

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