SAP Business Objects Design Studio Training

SAP Business Objects Design Studio Training

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SAP BO Design Studio Training Course course content

Design Studio 1.6 Basic

Positioning / Architecture

Create script free applications

  • using Analysis components like e.g. Crosstab and Chart
  • using Container components
  • using Basic components with data bound properties
  • using Icons and Images
  • using the Scorecard component for highly formatted tables
  • understanding the interoperability between the SAP BI clients

Define the layout of applications

  • Understanding the usage of Templates
  • Using predefined Themes
  • Using the direct CSS property
  • Using a Custom CSS file

Create advanced applications using scripting techniques

  • Introduction to scripting
  • Define the navigation behavior of basic components with scripting
  • Using local variables in script functions
  • Using global variables as URL parameter
  • Using global script objects and formater functions

Deploy and optimize applications on mobile devices

Design Studio 1.6 Advanced

Creating and using Maps for Geo-Reporting

Setting Up Bookmarking Scenarios to build up an online composition use case

  • Bookmark
  • Fragment Bookmark
  • Portable Fragment Bookmark

Learn about performance relevant settings and how to analyze performance

  • Processing Groups
  • Variable Merge / Unmerge
  • Background Processing

Complex scripting scenarios like

  • generic data source selection
  • multiple selections in charts & crosstab

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